SuperMemo and Anki – memorization tools

I realized when initially locating the materials for Exam 70-450 that there will be a TON of material and special situations or scenarios to remember. So I was looking around for a way to improve my ability to remember technical information for long periods of time. I did not want to learn the memorization techniques for cramming for an exam which seems to be associated more with mnemonic memorization techniques. This is also about the time I decided to switch over to studying for Exam 70-433.

The programs that seem to do this best were SuperMemo (v.16 for $60) and its watered down cousin Anki(free-ware). After spending a day plus with SuperMemo just trying to locate how to do simple things like importing .png files for both questions/answers and using templates I went back to Anki and found it’s simplier user interface was just cut&paste. So I moved the 50+ cards from SuperMemo into Anki and now have built up about 100+.

SuperMemo (be sure to check out the author of the product) is very powerful and probably the only thing holding it back is the helter-skelter users only documentation. There was from my hours of searching no definitive place to start learning. The company doesnt provide any help with the 16 or so versions and the user’s created online documentation has turned into a spaghetti bowl of linking to older versions.

Anki seems to have the most important pieces on SuperMemo and a simple way of building a deck. Though I was unsuccessful at getting the SuperMemo data exported in a format to import into Anki I just added them to Anki.

Another thing that makes building the category decks easier is having a Safari account ($20/mth after 10d trial) which allows you to build your knowledge cards via cut&paste from the books. A lot less typing 🙂



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