Back at it

After an inconsistent performance spanning 6 months with my day trading I have opted back into the SQL Server world. I have put together a SQL Certification Chart I will probably be following along with. Starting with Exam 70-433 SQL 2008 Database Development since this is a closer match to my background. I will then follow it up with Exam 351. After talking with a MS rep it seems the idea of a DB Developer certificate is dying off with SQL 2008. It is in part being rolled up into the 2 SQL 2012 MSCE paths: DataPlatform and BI. Since I am on a deadline (end of July 2015) after Exam 351 I will jump over into DB Admin with Exam 432. The deadline will help provide focus and priorities.

I recently joined PluralSight to basically get my feet wet in each topic area. They offer some eLearning for exam 432 and exam 433. Then I plan to work thru the individual MS exam books most of which I have in hard copy. The other topic areas I have an interest in are SQL’s internal structures which was a big requirement for me when writing my own proprietary DB Engine for Charles Schwab. Then at some point I would like to learn PowerShell since I see a future of repetitive tasks :).



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