I have been off the site for nearly a year now while I was trying to decide which goals to pursue. Learning about SQL Server is something I have always wanted to do and passing on the opportunity 12+ years ago to manage out SQL Server team at Schwab is something I regret. I still have a yearning to learn the ins & outs but the technical scope and depth of SQL Server is still enormous and easily measured in years which bumps me up into the old man category.

Back in 2014 I  felt that my day trading was not going to be able to provide me with any financial resources and as a result picked up a part-time job which soon turned into a full-time job. Well being the never-ending pragmatist I decided if I am going to work 40 hours a week then I should move beyond my current $10/hourly wage and last summer started toward a teaching certificate. I am now certified to teach math!! I have been subbing since January while studying for my SQL 70-461 certificate. 🙂

While all this was going on I have been enthralled or entrapped, not sure which, on the latest in “cognitive learning”. To make sure it is the latest analysis I actually check the copyright for the books I read. I wish I would have known this while I was going to college or even could have had the opportunity to teach the ideas to my sons. Alas, I will take the knowledge and skills recently gleaned from the 12 or so books to help myself prep for the SQL exams and teaching school. I feel the cognitive strategies will help me become a better student of SQL Server sooner.

I will in the next few days start posting my reviews of the cognitive learning books and my approach to getting ready for the Exam 70-461.


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