My SQL Server Adventures are starting up. (again!)

Early on in my newbie career I was exposed to a very low level database engine, a product called Btrieve for 10+ years. I took the knowledge and experience provided there (Softcraft) and was able to start working for a startup, CyberTrader. It was there I developed an application (DB Manager) which provided real-time and historical chart data for the US stock exchanges. Our commercial day-trading platform was called StreetSmart Pro. Prior to Schwab’s buyout StreetSmart Pro was arguably one of the top day-trading platforms available next to TradeStation. After the CyberTrader buyout by Charles Schwab, we were told  to be used as play toy for its affluent client base, the dev team was eventually resourced into other areas as enhancements died off. The product was later revamped into a Web version named StreetSmart Edge killing off the client version. When I left back in 2007 the DB Manager was still powering the charts some 10+ years later.

After a few more years of being a generous person I am decided to put my day trading skills on hold and started working on a desire I have had for years which is learning and understanding SQL Server. While working for CyberTrader and Schwab I was around the SQL DBA team often and since we were both in the database world would whine away our issues. I was even offered to manage the SQL Server team but I thought at the time my future was with the DB Manager. SQL Server seemed monolithic even back in 2005 so today it seems almost worldly in size.

This blog will document the journey I am on and hopefully ease the path of others who are on the SQL road.


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