I will list the resources (blogs, books, etc) I have found helpful.

Since it was in my book collection I took some time yday to briefly look thru Ken Henderson’s old book “Guru’s Guide to SS Architecture and Internals”. I agree w/Ken that if you really want to learn something or acquire domain expertise (the new catch phrase “deep knowledge”?) then you have to understand the hows & why of the way SQL Server works. While written for SQL server 2000 I think it may be worthwhile to spend a few days reading & working thru the exercises he has.

While I havent had time to delve into the site other than cursor post reading I sense I will be frequenting John Swamsoms blog alot as I move forward. He is running one of the largest SQL Server “estates” in operation. His blog site has a lot of really great posts on starting out and what skills are important to be proficient with SQL Server.


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